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Jr. Work

A sample of my work as an intern/junior copywriter, from the very beginning to the somewhat less very beginning.

Our crowning achievement! Which was never produced. A good lesson in real world advertising. It was close to being approved though. 

Here's where I started. We didn't get name tags at first, so I made my own. 

Pretty proud of this one. Real work coming next.

First intern work. We partnered with WRDSMTH to create a mural for the agency's non-profit, "Today, I'm Brave" that went up in Venice. Notice the Google search for screenshots that I now know, after much practice, is Shift-Command-4.

My first published work. #FirstSevenJobs was trending, so they asked me to write one for Jack in the Box.

As you can see, our fans loved me. 

Jacob was a huge fan of this one. This was my first big assignment. Write Twitter replies for various situations. This one was a "Jackism" for the Double Jack, relating to the NBA season. Essentially I wrote lots of lines for different situations for Jack in the Box to tweet whenever they wanted. Sometimes just as a tweet, other times as a response to "a fan expressing love" for a certain product. Here's a list of all the "Twitter replies" I got approved by Jack in the Box.

Sometimes I'll scour Twitter to see if they used any of these, other times, I'll just get on with my life.

You know damn well I can write you the pun you need.

You want memes? I got memes.

A solid 1 like for this one. Our ECD told me on a Friday at about 6PM, "Hey, we've got this assignment, if you wanna write a few lines for it, go for it. But don't spend anymore than like 15 minutes on it this weekend." So I immediately spent more than 15 minutes on writing lines, and one of them got produced. But hey, it was the agency's first published work for Popchips, and I changed at least one life for the better.

I will not apologize for this pun. Stock image aside, this did get produced for the McDowell Mountain Music Festival.

As did this one, and a friend was even there to capture the perfect screenshot.

I made...lemonade out of product copy. Sorry.

One of the comments was shocked, SHOCKED! That we photoshopped this. 

For Mardi Gras. This also didn't get produced, or past our CD, but I stand by it.

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